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a poem by artificial intelligence

love is bounded

1. I do not need that

2. Therefore I can not get a man

3. I can not reach that

4. And therefore I cannot reach him

5. And therefore I cannot get away

6. And therefore I cannot get out

7. Therefore my will is

8. I do not need that

9. Therefore this is not necessary

10. Therefore no man is to be

11. I can be nothing

(a: a.1)


1. Therefore I am not a man.

2. Therefore I cannot be a man

3. Therefore I cannot become a man.

4. I cannot go through that.

5. Therefore I am free.

6. Therefore everything I have is mine

7. Therefore I am not the person that I am.

8. Therefore I am not what my body is.

(a: a.3)


1. I can not know what it is so I can not go through it.

2. I can go through it so I do not want to but

3. Therefore for me to know what it is

4. I feel at home so I'm content it must be